How internet or technology has changed the standard of studying?

Author: Internet Sansar, Published: Yesterday

Image source: Pixabay

Long ago, when the internet was not yet born, abacus, old-fashioned cameras and etc. were the only technology people could use.

As we all know, INTERNET is the most modern way to communicate with people around the world. INTERNET started working in the 1960s. In this way a single signal can be sent to multiple users. The old-fashioned way to send e-mails was thrown away by some people. Usually uses E-MAIL to send e-mails to different parts of the country or to send to other countries.


E-mail has been developed via ARPANET, just like the pin board system. It now has different qualities; Here are a few; yahoo.com, yehey.com, mail.com, hotmail.com and more. People knew it was a modern way to send their e-mails to their family, friends, loved ones and other family members.

In 1991 it was introduced to the people of what we now call the WORLDWIDE WEB. WORLDWIDE WEB is the part of the internet that most users see and use and that has made it so popular. This led to a large increase in internet use. The web continues to grow in an incredible way. There are now a billion pages on the internet and thousands more.

And now that INTERNET has become my way to learn, discover and see new things. I am lucky to be able to hold my internet. For my projects, research assignments etc., but of course I do not forget to study through books, research from libraries and etc. Because I know that the internet really helps, but I also know that I have to help myself to learn my studies with my own. Because I take everything with me, I studied at my university until I work until I grow up and my life has to live with my own budget. That is probably the so-called SALARIS.